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#329772 - ” “Well, this morning before I went downstairs to make your cuppa I opened your door quietly to see if you were awake and saw that you were laying on the bed naked, and I could not help notice that even though your cock was soft it was much longer and fatter than my ex boyfriend Jason’s was when it was fully hard, and so only ever having seen Jason’s’ I began to wonder how big it would get when it was hard, so will you please tell me just to satisfy my curiosity?” “Well ok! so as long as you promise never to reveal this conversation to your mother, as she is a very good friend and I would not like to lose her friendship plus she would probably stop you from coming round here again and that would upset me so much?” “I promise, cross my heart and hope to die, so please tell me?” OK! Well usually when hard it’s 8 and a half inches long and has a circumference of about 6 inches but for some reason when it gets hard in the mornings it is half an inch longer bringing it up to 9 inches,

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