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#215390 - As she walked over to answer the door she muttered under her breath, Why does she do this to me, she knows it drives me crazy?!? When she swung the door open, Tommi was a little taken back by who was standing there, and her mouth was gaping just a little when the stranger introduced himself, Hi, I'm Brian, is Cassandra ready to go? Finally regaining her composure, Tommi shook her head and replied, Please come in, Cassie will be out in a few minutes! Brian was an impressive physical specimen to say the least, at least six feet four inches tall and built like and athlete, with slim narrow hips, a large chest, and to top it off he was handsome!!! What really had shaken her, however, was that Brian was black!!! It had never even occurred to her t?hat Cassie would be dating a black man, let alone one that was so darned good looking!!! A jealous feeling was growing in of her belly, and just thinking of Cassie being satisfied by this strange man was nauseating!!! She was just about

Read Madura Kupaa na Dorei Maid | 咕啵滋的奴隸淫女傭 Fingers Kupaa na Dorei Maid | 咕啵滋的奴隸淫女傭

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