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#255749 - Modestly Gloria tried to cover her small pink nippled breasts with her arms, but she was like a rag doll as Pete grabbed her under her arms and easily lifted her until her tiny boobs were directly in line with his eager mouth! It had been years since he had tasted the breast of a woman, so with a deep sigh he pulled her to his mouth where he gently sucked a warm nipple like a baby! “Ohhhhhhh,” she mewled softly, “so nice……. “Come on, stud man,” she gasped, “do me, do my hot fucking pussy!” He walked over to the bed with her hanging on for dear life whereupon he flopped backwards onto the bed which immediately allowed her to sit up and begin riding his pecker for all she was worth! The feeling of being filled beyond capacity was incredibly arousing, and while her she bounced up and down on his murderous shaft, orgasms of vicious intensity caromed through her pussy until she was literally a whipped dog! She collapsed onto his chest with his pecker still buried deep inside, and just w

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