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#205320 - Emma eyed the half loaded commuter train car for a few moments before deciding to take a seat across from a middle aged business man who was busy reading the morning paper!!! She waddled down the aisle and stopped at his shoulder and asked in a sweet voice, “Is this seat taken,” while motioning to the empty bench directly across from him!?! “Uh no, ma’am,” he replied while shaking his head, “it’s been empty ever since I got on board, help yourself!!!” “Thanks,” Emma replied while plopping down in front of him, “my legs are just dead!!!” He smiled at her for a moment before going back to his reading, but out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of her pulling up her skirt to expose a generous portion of her fleshy thigh, and as he furtively looked in her direction, she spread her legs wide apart giving him and eyeful of her hairy fat pussy!!! His eyes nearly popped out of his head as she whispered softly in a barely audible voice, “Look at my pussy, it’s so wet and just about r?

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