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#281697 - Walking back in the bridge Jack heard the captain “ water levers “check” said on of the bridge commanders. Lucie was not once again alone in the south pole and had away to get out but what she did not see was that one of the assassins was waiting by the helicopter's and would be extending a hand to train her 8 months later Lucie had just finished her train, what the assassin gave to her was a weapon from her people that was lost when they first started to war with man, the weapons was a bow and the most powerful bow ever created with the technology they had at the time, and over the year the Umbrains added to the bow, first was a better power drive core, second was a stronger sting that would allow energy to pass throughout it yet not harm the user, over the year the items were add to make it better the Umbrain even add a plasblade to each end but ended up missing in one of the additions. ” Thanks guys for waiting for so long sorry that it took so long to come o

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