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#92367 - the feeling of a gigantic black iron rod followed by a searing penetration, and harsh pounding he has held onto her by only his grasp and firm brutal squeezing grip of her shapely firm breasts! She can say or do nothing to stop alter or change what is happening, as she is helplessly rolled over again! Cabbas is intent on seeing her red rose tattoo up close and personal along with her incredible well trimmed golden brown and very damp pubic haired pussy folds! Now helplessly on her bunk, and like another person in a dream watching from a distance, is unable to move a muscle and can feel her tight uniform skirt slowly forced up higher and higher around and above her firm shapely bottom! Then as if by magic he has somehow pulled her white modest knickers free and with a perverted gleam in his eye is holding them up as if they were some sort of sought after trophy, that he has won in this perverted battle of the sexes? With her skirt up and naked below the waist and still wearing her nav

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