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#116328 - I have now been fisted by around 50 guys I think, most thoughly enjoying the feeling of being inside my butt, and a few woman have also found it exciting too, and I find that is really kinky seeing a womans fist slide in me, especalily on a couple of occasions her hubby watched too, I too have had the plessure of fisting quite a few guys butt too and find it exhilarating I hope I can take a fist for many more years, and enjoy lots more anal fun too with guys or woman,. As we went on, he just kept pounding my arse, for some 3 hours, with out much of a break and my anal cum’s now going wild, I lost count, then we parted making plans for another meet, I was more than keen to meet this guy again, 3 hours of solid fucking wow, A week later we met again and sure enough, he fucked me again for some 3 hours, the only reason we stopped was because where we played shut then, again I lost count of how many times this wonderful man had made my arse tingly and cum. The night came.

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