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Tattoos Shounen Yuuichirou Special - Sailor moon France

[少年ゆういちろう (カズマ・G-VERSION)] 少年ゆういちろう 劇スペ (セーラームーン)


Languages: Japanese Hentaim
Categories: Doujinshi
68 pages - Uploaded
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#27968 - ” This applies to most of mypenname3000’s stories (I imagine due to demand, not lack of talent - the author has written good things before, just every story made recently has been pretty well the exact same with all of his girl characters tweaked slightly differently, like she’s more immature or she’s got a bratty side or she took a whole extra chapter to seduce because she’s a prude or something, even though they’re all basically the same character) but this problem is not limited to one author. In a longform story, the sex itself will most likely not be the entirety of the story. Her story is more enticing to readers who read the first part, which means people who happened to enjoy Writer B’s first work, upon getting a second instalment, will graduate, from a reader whose allegiance lies with the highest bidder (the ‘highest bidder’ being the most interesting story they see in the archives) to a dedicated reader.

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