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#128663 - Bart leaned over and slowly took his father’s cock into his mouth. Homer watched as Bart lowered the match down to the fuse and saw the sparks appear from the fuse. (WARNING THIS STORY IS EXTREMLY HARDCORE! IT IS MAINLY COMICAL IM NOT INTO THE KIND OF STUFF IN THIS STORY IT IS A JOKE BUT A VERY VERY SICK ONE AT THAT PROCEDE WITH CAUTION!) ps: i ment to say im making a new porn MOVIE for the simpsons sorry for the error in pt6 “Please Principal Skinner, just don’t call Homer.

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Waiting for so long
If he dropped her while he was holding her up against the glass then his dick would ve snapped lol
Tsukushi tsutsukakushi
I wanna be like her
Sailor mars
Qui mujer hermosa me gustas de verdad te quiero