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#251106 - I must have started touching my self because I started to cum while my tounge played with my sister, as soon as she heard me cumming it must have set her off to because she started to send wave after sweet wave of orgasmic wetness over my tounge. I wondered where we were going with this, was I really gonna get to put my tounge in a pussy? What would it feel like? What would it taste like? Would I love it as much as the cock I had sucked, could I make it cum like that? As the skin that my tounge was touching kept moving, I was getting so horny so I started to pinch my own nipples and flicked them just a bit.   Just then a hard cock was in the wall just inches from my face, i could see everything about it from the purplish head to the veins and even clear liquid coming from the tip.

Read Model Hekiran no Umi ni Mita Gensou - Azur lane Mouth Hekiran no Umi ni Mita Gensou

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