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#284 - Then we all decided to go into Daddies King Size bed and there we were with lovely Nude daddy with his two Nude little Daughters on either side of him, then he told us to rub our Cunts over him, while he played with his Cock. I watched as Daddy started to Cumm, oh what a lovely sight it was with my Little Sister with her Daddy on top of her, with his Cock in her Cunt, and then he started to cumm, at the same time I felt My Doggie cumming in my Cunny so I backed up hard so he keep his Cock in my Cunt as he filled me with that Hot Spunk of his, and when he finished I went to my Sister and rolled Daddy off her and spread her legs and went down on her Cunt licking and sucking my Daddies Cumm out of her Cunt, yes Daddies Cumm tasted lovely, but the best part was my Daddy had come up behind me and he had started to get another Hard On so as I was bending over my Sister sucking her Cunt Daddy started to poke his Cock into my Cunt and the more it went into me the harder it got, so I sucked h

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