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#27511 - Boring. I say startled Nothing, what about you?? Stranger: Oh sorry I laugh when I see you jump I just came down to get a glass of water I say I couldn't sleep so I didn't know what to do You: Wanna watch TV? I say indicating the space beside me Stranger: sure, why not? I smile and take the seat next to you as I get more comfortable in the couch You: You can choose what we watch Stranger: I smile and take the control from you as I flip through the channels before choosing a random movie so how have you been? I haven't seen much of you since I don't come over as much I say You: I've been good, schools been the same, except I don't see you in the hallways of course I say as I smile Stranger: I laugh and smile as I look over at you well it's not like we talked much anyway when I went to school with you I say You: It was still nice seeing you, it always is Stranger: you're so sweet I smile and playfully nudge your a

Read Gemidos Kuroshitsuji - Aesthetic Rose - Black butler Bribe Kuroshitsuji - Aesthetic Rose

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