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#139542 - She smiled and thanked me/us nicely, said “Hope to see you again soon, Anh Steve…and em” using the Vietnamese for a person younger than yourself, but in Ha’s case also as a way of saying to Tinh ‘I am older than you, so he should be mine first!’ Tinh just smiled at her, then stood and reached for my hand to lead me out: ownership by possession rules, ok! That was what she was saying, leaving Ha in our wake as she sashayed in front of me to her bike. Client’s meeting came and was actually finished very quickly; they had no serious issues with our contract amendments, and Ban and his team then went into the technical aspects, so I was able to excuse myself for a while and check emails, then to wander the office chatting with the staff, asking about matters, problems, ideas, anything they wanted to discuss with the HO man. I couldn’t look down and drawn attention to myself, so I had to endure the feel and the rising lump in my pants stoically.

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Tokiko tsumura
Holy i just squirt
Not cum swallow
You are correct
Yuno gasai
That was faked as far as the setup goes but i like the format of getting women to take off their clothes and fuck i just wish the fake part was better acted by the persons involved in the casting hentai genre