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#53262 - a few minutes later she tells me her parents herd and she signs off but the next day after school come home and jump online sure enough shes also online she message me and tells me how amazaing it was yesterday and how she told her freind about me we fool around for a while and she goes offline not 2 seconds later does her freind jump online and message me hi im em my freind told about you said you know how to get a girl going me ah yeah id say im ok at it em ok show me im horny help me get off me like now? her yeah, go for it! me ok, so would it turn you on if i siad i wanted to lick your pussy lips slow till they spread open then thust my tounge up you till you shake her yes, yes it would! good god! me come on it wasnt that good was it em im still cumming me wait what, girls dont cum? em yes they do and i just cam hard, would you like me to return the favor me return the favor? like how em well what do like what are you into me um well, i like

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