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#24510 - As I laid myself out – she stepped straight up on my chest, almost knocking the wind out of me, and putting me COMPLETELY at her mercy as her stillettos dug into my chest, however I didn’t mind much, since I was now able to see straight up beneath her pleated black and white tartan skirt, to the gusset of her white cotton thong! … If this was ‘abuse’ … bring it on! “Gemma – go to my room and bring me my black things off the bed, and the cord from both of our dressing-gowns” The younger sister trotted off as commanded, obviously confused as to WHO was in charge here! (As was I!) A few moments later I heard, then saw her return with the requested items, all the while Ellie was standing on my chest, moving the weight of her feet about and turning around to try and make me as uncomfortable as possible, but all the while I was looking straight up her skirt to her near-naked bottom or crotch! I had paid good money before – for things not half as erotic as this! As her sister arri

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