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#97547 - There was nobody else around, or so I thought, and I was just enjoying the dappled sunlight filtering through the trees canopy above, and the warmth and fresh smells as I wandered along, when I caught a glimpse of something moving up ahead. On her feet she had little white ankle socks and tall black patent leather stilettos, which I also think the school would have frowned upon. So quickly whipping her skirt up at the back, I was greeted by the sight of her beautifully pert and near-naked bottom, with the cheeks of her bum separated only with the thin strand of a black satin thong which I immediately grabbed hold of by the triangle of material at the waistband and ripped away from her body, the sound of the material tearing only added further to my already heightening excitement.

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I love her
This camera man should be shot
Erstin ho