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#72968 - , Scottie replied, anything you need!!! I knew I could count on you Scottie, she responded warmly, you're such a good friend to me and my daughter!!! What is it you want me to do, asked Scottie seriously??? Well, dear, she went on, would you please stand up and show me your penis, my clitoris is on fire and in dire need of sexual relief!?! Scottie let the big nipple fall from his mouth, stood up, unbuckled his belt, and let his jeans and shorts drop to the floor, leaving his half erect cock just a foot from Doris Adkins' hungry mouth!! Oh, Scottie,she cooed softly, you have such a beautiful penis, Jan has told me so often how absolutely wonder fully hung you are, but this is the first time I've ever seen it for myself, exactly how large are you, dear!?! Eight inches, ma'am, he replied proudly! And how thick, she pressed on!?! Oh, about six and a half inches, he replied, give or take a quarter inch!!! Scottie, she asked in a barely audibl

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