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#152537 - ” Good god, he as tall! At least six and a half feet with a body that appeared to be chiseled out of granite! He was naked from the waist up and his muscles rippled with even the slightest movement. She needn’t have worried a bit! One look at the panty and bra clad housewife was more than enough to bring Walker’s massive cock back to full erection! Seeing his predicament she hurriedly slid out of her undies leaving her standing there with her big tits and hairy pussy available to his hungry eyes! Before she had time to react his hands were everywhere! Touching, probing, and caressing every square inch of her voluptuous body! She shuddered involuntarily as his middle finger roughly violated her drooling slit while she stared hungrily at his throbbing black prick. “Yes,” she replied, “for twenty two years.

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