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#355131 - “Please let me go back to uni, I won’t tell anyone, I’ll let you have sex with me when we I come home but please don’t do this” “He has to” smiled Jono as he entered the room still naked now hard again drinking a beer. First thing first she needed a shower and a change of clothes, as she stepped into the shared bathroom she heard a nock at the door which led to the boys bed room and her fathers head poked round the door, he seemed disappointed about something but just said, “Jono and I are going out for a bit, going to get some things we forgot, like an umbrella” “Ok” Beth giggled, “don’t be too long” An hour later Beth had finished her shower, dried herself and got changed into a red shirt and shorts. “Now” Beth tried to get up but her legs failed her first attempt as she collapsed on the floor again, Jono laughed as he saw his sister struggle to move but after a minute she managed to use the wall to get up as she staggered towards the bed, “I need a drink” she gasped as she cl

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