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#103271 - “It’s late, better get who before the ghosts are abound” and with a wave goodbye, they walked off towards the boarding house being used as a temporary vicarage As they reached the corner of the alleyway John stopped dead, muttered a quick “oh no” as he patted his pockets “I’ve left my keys in the vestry, just wait here” and before she could say anything, turned and went back to the vestry door, quickly opening it and entering the building. As it started to roll on, an even larger tendril broke off, floating down an alley, where it commenced to change density and shape, eventually evolving into a resemblance of a man, malformed certainly, as if a child had tried to make a doll from wet clay but the basic resemblance was there. He looked around the half darkened room, light only coming from the flickering flames of the brazier and a dusty paraffin lamp.

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