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#20225 - I continued fucking Amy hard with my bare cock inside her drenched pussy I saw her face start to go red watching her hold her breath till I stopped just at the right moment for her body to quake in a muffled orgasm I looked into her eyes and kissed her lips it was just ment to be a kiss but Amy held my lips in with hers and hungrily madeout with me shifting her weight rolling me over onto my back till she was on top rubbing the head of my cock with her pussy running her tounge down my throat I grabbed her waist aiming the entrance of her pussy on my my cock and shoving it deep inside her thrusting into her hard and fast warning her im gonna cum Amy went down my body licking all the way down my chest taking my cock in her mouth and giving my cock a few final pumps letting a stream of cum fill up her mouth and watched her gulp it all down like water. I guided my bare cock inside her parting her legs as wide as they could go and ramming my cock deep and hard inside her I missed the feel

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I love this girl