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#179171 - i was on top of her fully now, skin to skin, sweat to sweat, we were intimate and making love, her groans grew louder and i started gently moaning also, the moment i wanted and dreading was approaching, my balls starting to tingle and tighten, i didnt say a word, she seemed to just know, her thrusts became harder and moans loader, i followed suit and started increasing the power of my rythm. before i new it she answered, she was incredible. this conversation expanded and i felt like a school boy, i had a crush this good looking girl was my dream girl on paper, got on well, lots in common, we support the same football team Crystal Palace football club and had a similar upbrining, but that evening the texts got dirty, she told me that she hadnt had sex since her kid was 5, so 4 years, thats when she told me how old she was, she was 30, my jaw dropped i thought she was young, well she’s not old.

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