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#34330 - What's the matter Claire, you look pale as a sheet, asked Doris! Oh, I'm f-f-fine, squeaked Claire, while trying to listen to Doris' inane conversation with the buzzing hurtling her towards a thundering orgasm!!! Claire stared blankly at Doris as she babbled on, trying to hear what was being said, but only seeing her lips move! Just as Doris was turning to leave, Claire's pussy erupted in a earth shattering orgasm, causing her to fall backward against the refrigerator as her cunt began to spasm uncontrollably! She gave an audible shudder as the intensity swept through her quivering cunt! Seconds later the buzzing stopped and Claire was able to compose herself and return to party. Doris Carr met them at the door and was ushering them inside, when all at once Claire almost lost her footing!!! Frank had just hit the on button and she felt her legs wobble as the little V did a slow hum inside her now drooling cunt!!! Bob Carr came over and gave Claire a kiss on t

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