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#39730 - “Get fucking dressed and piss off … I’m busy” then seeing the hurt expression on her childish face, I softened somewhat “OK – I’m sorry … thanks for letting me shag you – but I really must get on” I felt doubly-bad when she stood up and reclaimed her clothes, to see that from the tops of her shoulders, all the way down to her podgy bum, was a mass of little cuts and abrasions from the floor, several of which were actually dribbling blood! GEMMA - your back's really shredded from the floor - BOLLOCKS! - what's your Mum going to say when she sees THAT!? Even though her Mum seemed to think the Sun shone out of me - I was concerned that she didn't find out what was REALLY going on! Almost as an after-thought she said “OH – meant to say – Ellie’s REALLY fucked-up about what you’ve done to her life, her friends, and everything … She asked me to ask you, no sorry – she said to BEG YOU! - if there was ANYTHING she could do to make you change it all back?!” And don

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Hina nemoto
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