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#299856 - Wazza. Then Joel went over to Daddy and said take all your clothes off and at the same time Joel took his clothes off and I was looking at my Daddy and Joel in the Nude, they were playing with each others cocks when Daddy said to me “get over here Crissy you are going to be my little Fuck Toy” Oh! Do you mean that, I will be my Daddies Little Fuck and like you said to Tim you will keep me in the NUDE and I can sleep in your Bed”. So on Friday we went to a young girls shop and he said to his Male friend Joel,that owned the shop, “this is my son CRIS but I call him CRISSY”, and Joel Said “he is a very lovely boy, but if you like we can dress Crissy up to look like a Little Girl”, Daddy said “That,is why I came to you as you would know what I want for Crissy” .

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