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#140303 - co. Stevie was making the right noises to assure me I was giving him as much pleasure as I was getting, his hand pushing my head on the down stroke sometimes pushed me a bit far causing me to gag, but it never put me off I just adjusted my position and kept sucking, the without warning, I felt his body shake, his grip on my head tighten, then the warm gooey liquid filled my mouth, I drank it down, I had waited so long for this to happen, and now I had finally got the taste of another guys spunk I wanted to saviour it, this was my champagne, I could have died a happy man there and then without regret, but far from dying I was just beginning to live, I raised myself up until our mouths met once again, our arms around each other his still bare cock adding to the stains my own pre cum had created on my nylon shorts, Stevie whispered in my ear “ Your turn now big boy” My cock slightly shorter than Stevie’s was cut and a little thicker , as it entered his mouth for the first time I co

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Sasha braus
So this is the fucking reason i have a teammate afk while the enemy is capping our flag what a bitch
Incroyable jlui arrache la chatte avec les dents