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#100207 - i nver look at jessica in a different way coz shes my cousin not until a certain situation happens! it was 2pm in the after noon i just finish playing basketball i went to their house to take shower and she was the only person in the house so i still took a shower i brought a sweat pants and a tishirt but i forgot to bring underwear so after shower i wore the clothes that i brought with no underwear on then i sat on the couch and she was sitting on the other side with her one leg up she was wearing a leggings and guest what i could see the lips of her pussy because the leggings is too tight after seeing that i got a boner and i didnt realize i dont have a underwear then a moment later she started talking to me and realize she was glaring at my cock i though she just trying to glare but dude after our eyes met her eyes went down and started to stare at my hard dick omfg i was so turn on coz she knows that i knew she was staring at my cock i dont know what to do coz shes my cousin so not


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