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#390691 - “Tanya their no way we are going to my room“ ,Raven shouts “Hey Tanya why don't you take him into Robin’s old room“ “hay Tanya have you master your ability's yet“ “Yes I have Robin“, “Then you are part of the team now so Beast show Tanya to her room“, “Where is her room then Robin“ “My old room Beast“, “Let's go slut” as she pulls him into her room. so Robin went into the kitchen with his cock and red ass on show to fix them something to eat. “Let's go to your room I want that virgin ass“she said into he’s ear ” I have never thought about being with someone like you before, but now that I have found out you’re a shemale its tuning me on“, Your not going to back out on me are you, you promise me sex after you’d shown me off to your friends”.

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