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#101255 - I leaned forward, pushing my face into his groin, inhaling the musky sweatiness of this, his most intimate body region. I lay down on him, my arms under his back, gripping his shoulders; our bodies exchanging warmth, our 4 balls in coalescence, our erect organs alongside each other, pressed upwards, hard between our stomachs. He was soft-skinned and clean-shaven but even against his gorgeous chocolate-coloured skin, you could see a 5 o’clock shadow – or is it 6 o’clock? Anyway, the tight curls of his black hair were cut neat and short and his skin complexion was, frankly, “soft as a baby’s bum” as we say here in the UK! And speaking of a baby’s bum, he was wearing black slacks which were – well, rather snug.

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Bi bro here mistress thinking you should let me edge him for a few days for you in preparation
Tokoha anjou
I agree its fun