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#177076 - Kathy spoke first –“might as well get it over with”-, and with that she removed her bra and slid out of her panties, she had freckles all over her chest, her breast didn’t drop as much as I imagined, even at 33 and after two kids she was a looker, her nipples were pink , perky and round, her areola was light pink , both her breast were a good size, not huge or anything just a nice size, I looked down and her stomach was flat, she had little stripe light brown like her hair, I could see her pussy lips, just a small little mound, she had a little scar which I could only assume was form her c section , at first she cover herself , with one arm her breasts and with the other hand her pussy , she started to blush and stared at me,-“ go on”- she told me sounding scarred. -“listen, we have to do this, it’s a lot money” she told me -“I know, I know, but it’s just sooooo…” I looked down and not at her -“we have to try it at least, are you sure you don’t need a drink or anything” she asked

Read Big Dick Hime no Himegoto - Tokyo 7th sisters Old Vs Young Hime no Himegoto

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Haruka minami
Lot of potential but shitty angles guys hands and phones in the fucking way and clothing blocking the action on everybody what the fuck clean it up guys
Seijuro shin
The way she put her hands on her back and shoulders made me horny from the very beginning
Nezuko kamado
Eva notty