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#107294 - When Kasume noticed this she brushed an extra amount of sauce onto her pussy when that part rotated back up into view Nabiki was comeing hard over and over again, “Look Akane she’s loving this, look how much a simple swish of the brush can get her off” Kasume said as she put her brush down and went back inside to the kitchen, Akane stood up and walked over to Nabiki she didn’t want to admit it but she could see that the pain of the spitting was gone to be replaced by pleasure in Nabiki’s face as she rotated and the obvious amount of cum dripping off of her pussy. FATHER! STOP YOUR KILLING HER! Akane screamed and wanted to run over and help Nabiki but Ranma grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, “That’s the point Akane, of course were killing her, what did you think would happen after we pushed a steel pole all the way though her?” Soan said as he continued his work, You cant stop this Akane Ranma said and let Akane's wrist go and she just sat back down to continue watching

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