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#142859 - She stopped and moved closer to me as if she was going to kiss me but as she reached my lips with her's she pulled away and kissed Steve again just as hard as before but as she did she positioned her arse so it was between my thighs and just in line with my hard cock. Steve took the hint and lifted the dress up further now her arse was on show for all to see and everyone was watching Sam gave out a little giggle as her arse became public and for the first time looked away from me ,she turned to look around and saw everyone was watching that seemed to encourage her even more and she lifted her dress even higher so her dress was around her waist and now her cunt was also on show. She turned back to me and said I told you I was going to take my panties off am I a bad girl? I told her she was a very naughty girl but I love naughty girls!.

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Holy shit sit on my face baby rub it around till you cum
Tamaki kotatsu
I would have kissed her after she had deep throated his cock