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#17066 - So I was asked to go get a large pan out of the basement for the ham, I said ok, now if anyone was in there taking a shower, the signal was knock, wait to be told ok or wait, so I waited for the voice to call back, it was Alicia, she was in the shower, now she’s four years younger than us, but she’s a cheerleader and has a nice rack of tits, her bra says 36d and I believe it. She knew I was going out of town for a business trip and that Sam had invited them to stay with her so she wouldn’t be lonely, and they accepted. When she left she passed five guys, and as she got just passed them she heard one say, she was so much fun last night wasn’t she, she was so scared she ran to her car and locked the door and sat there crying.

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Whats rhe song playing in the background i love it just as much as i love you
Amazing bj