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#25262 - I could already tell my cock was hard and still wasn’t shore about letting me see me like this, but she was calm and had started to undress, so I just grabbed my underwear and pushed them down and stepped out of them, I stood the, my cock standing straight out in front of me. The following year dad booked us a holiday, money was tight and he was saying about having to book three rooms for us, mom asked what he was talking about, he explained one for them, one for me and one for the girls, he was shocked when mom said we only needed one room, dad didn’t understand, so mom called us down, “Dad is worried about having to book three rooms but I told him for a week you three wouldn’t mind sharing a room, would you”? The girls showed their maturity saying “If it means we have a holiday, then we can live with it for a week” Dad asked if they were shore, “Yes dad” “How about you Dave, what do you have to say about sharing a room with your sisters”? “Well I suppose I can put up with

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