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#397398 - Jeanie could deal with the slight “pins and needles” feeling of her arm being asleep better than the sudden decrease in blood pressure that could have resulted in fainting, the indigestion, nausea & the vomiting she had just experienced. Jeanie gave 34 men blowjobs, had butt fuck anal sex with 17 men and let a dog sniff and lick at the crotch of her 96% nylon 4 % cotton low rise sheer mesh bikini style panties until she climaxed before she was tortured and murdered many years later at the age of 66. I sat down on my bed and was suddenly overtaken by indigestion, diarrhea, & nausea.

Read Feet Hybrid Tsuushin Vol. 09 - Original Finger Hybrid Tsuushin Vol. 09

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