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#92875 - 30pm tour please” you ask, the man scans a sheet in front of him “sorry” said the man “that’s the last tour and unfortunately it’s full, but if you want, I can ring the main house to see if you can join the tour that started five minutes ago” you pondered for a few moments, Grange would not be open again for a long time, if ever, and it was rumoured to have a fine art and ceramics collection, not to mention one of the finest collections of Orchids and tropical plants in the country, something you didn’t want to miss, and you were now aware you were holding up the queue, “Ok that’s fine” you reply. The enema machine finally empties you, the plug being eased out, your bottom opening up involuntarily as the widest part emerges and your anal muscles relax as it’s pulled free, unseen hands spread you open, a finger pushes at your bottom, you go rigid” relax Mrs Smith I’m going to make sure your clean and empty” you stay tense, smack, a slap hits the side of your face “ I said relax, n

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