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#386159 - When the kiss stopped, they both pulled off Trevor’s shirt, then Becky whispered in Kate’s ear and they started kissing his chest and working their way down his rip corded stomach to where his unbuttoned jeans parted and joined into another long kiss. As if sensing his emotion, her eyes slowly opened and noticed him gazing at her, a quirky little grin developed on her mouth as she gazed back at him and gave him a slow wink and reached over and gave his arm one long slow caress. He walked into the house to look out the back windows and as he neared he was stopped in his tracks: all four of them were topless, with just brief string bikini bottoms on! More so, Cindy, Kate and Katie were laughing and dancing with each other while Becky was lying in the lounge chair clapping her hands and laughing as well.

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