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#151905 - As my ship rose heading for home, my last thought before cryo-sleep took me was, why had the humans called us cockroaches? Life is a Turkey ---------------------- George had been running for miles, shit they were fast! He'd already had to take to the trees a few times but they always seemed to know that he was no longer in front of them. Finally turning up an old country lane George couldn't hear the dogs or the men hunting him finally he thought. Emitting a huge burp, he stopped in front of me, Damn that old bitch was tough, he said, Glad you ate that other stuff first I mean humans are good but they taste too damn much like earth chicken! My wife came in, her partner who had also been feeding, stopped next to the first.

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Wow sehr sch n und auch sch ne schw nze
Princess peach
Discovered you today
Akio fudou
Lov the brit accent total turn on
Is this charlie puth
What does the fox say