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#366119 - A nice hot shower and cuddles finished the day off, Cindy saying how her life had been changed today with meeting us both, and that she had never thought bi could be so much fun. Now I took control, and slipped Cindy's arm back up my ass, my cock now above the two girls faces, as they took turns sucking and wanking me, when Cindy suddenly pushed deeper in me my cock jerked, my sperm shot out shooting over them both, I love the sight of woman covered in fresh cum, as I continued to empty more and more onto them. Some years ago, Sue was invited out for lunch and a afternoon of fun and fucking with a new guy at a motel not too far away, as luck would have it, I also had been talking to a lovely slim lady on the net who was looking for some extra sex, in a 1 on 1, so I set up a meeting with her for the same after noon, so we could use our home.

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Well i have been in and out of the lifestyle for awhile now
Umaru doma
Hehe yeah