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#79161 - There was going to be a total of 12 spikes of pain in your brain, as once your hit the twelfth it meant all 89% unused space had become 90% mage space, however after the twelfth spike there came the next stage as what people refer to as ‘The Burning Sun’. “Next young mage to be classified, is Jamie Dovell” the old man in his wispy voice said as he looked to me, my dad giving me a slight push as I stepping up to the stage looking a bit nervous. Mum quickly walked through the city as we lost dad along the way but I didn’t really care as I was too excited seeing the city and the stores, after about 5minutes of avoiding people and being dragged by my mum who kept a tight grip of my hand as mages were walking into us from all directions we finally reaching the wand store mum pushed me inside.

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