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#129720 - Glancing between her legs, I couldn’t help noticing that the thong had ridden up so as to split her labia in two as far as I could tell under that bushy undergrowth of pubic hair which was now very much on public display! She followed my glance and her colour deepened into a very pretty shade of crimson, as she attempted to persuade her panties to descend without actually touching them, a forlorn hope. As far as I was aware we had no ‘guests’ at the moment, as we were in late autumn (fall to my American readers!) or even early winter; well the shops had been full of Christmas things for weeks, but then these days that starts in Summer or so it seems! The cabins have the appearance of pioneers’ residences; you wouldn’t think it strange to see a character in buckskins standing at the door, but to tell the truth they are quite modern inside. She clasped her thighs round my back and squeezed my backside tight as I buried my cock to the root inside her slippery, glistening vagina, my ba

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