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#1890 - I didn't look at her directly but saw her reflection in the large plate glass windows on the outside of the Mall and just smiled to myself, and later on the same day we were in a really small shop where they have goods just lying around on the floor and Sheena simply squatted down, legs spread really wide apart (she had squatted so low that her very long pubic hairs were actually dragging on the floor) to examine an item on the floor and I noticed that the youngish, aged 25 as we later found out, dark haired and very large breasted girl in a long sleeved, button up the front (from neck to ankles) ankle length dress, who worked in the store was kneeling about 5 feet away and directly in line with Sheena's wide open legs and staring right at Sheena's very hairy bush, after at least five minutes of staring up Sheena's dress the woman got up and walked to where we were and asked if we would like to go for a coffee as she was going for a break, so we said ok and she walk

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