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#218885 - Nadler opined, I'm sorry we can't do anything for your problem, Miss Prince, but short of surgury, I'm afraid that you're stuck with your situation!!! Nicki thought about it moment and replied, Well, maybe I could stop in periodically for more treatments, what do you think!?! The doctor looked seriously at his nurse and replied, That's a good idea, mark Miss Prince down for two sessions a week!!! For how long, doctor, Megt asked softly!?! For as long as it takes, he replied with a small smile!!! THE END. Nadler!!! Miss Kean, the doctor gasped, what ever are you doing!?! Normally Meg would have been mortified being caught in such a position, but with she was in such a state of sexual excitement that she merely glanced at the doctor before pressing her breasts and vagina into Nicki's!!! Miss Kean, he snapped, have you lost your mind, this is no way for a professional nurse to act!?! With her pussy already dripping like a leaky fau

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