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#227007 - I was still in shock standing there, thoughts racing through my mind, what just happened, how long was she there, why did she not say anything, and why did she look at my cock before she left? I quickly went to the washroom to clean myself off and retreated to my bedroom, closed the door and just laid on my bed for a while thinking about what just happened. I know I shouldn’t be paying too much attention to her because she is technically my sister, but what the hell; she is so hot it would be a crime not to notice. I would imagine that she would be tight but wow, was she ever! This felt amazing, her pussy was very wet, and her tight lips were so soft! I felt really tempted to push my cock in but I said she could do it so with much effort I kept my word.

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Seijuurou mikoshiba
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That was just stupid making sounds like a chicken is not sexy
Sexy xxx