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#121464 - With that I went as red with embarrassment, but Mommy held onto me, kissing me, Saying “ don’t you worry about it Ernie as I watched you enjoying yourself, you are just like your Daddy when he was here he loved going out and finding a man to have Sex with, I should have told you a long time ago what your Daddy was like, but I thought things would be different, but now I know how much you like other things I shall get you your own personal Vibrator, also I know you only just turned 13 years old, but how did you know what to do, has someone taught you, Ernie you can tell me, I wont scold you, I just want to make sure you are safe”. Will Ernie be able to take on all the other men and a big black Cock See the 3rd part. He carried me over to the King size bed and layed me on it, by this time my cock was nice and hard so Merve took hold of it and started to suck it, in no time at all I had a big thrill.

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