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#278154 - Frank listened as his lover confessed to having had been a very bad boy, and that if he though that he should be punished, well, he understood completely! Frank nodded, and then ordered Gary to remove all of his clothing. When he entered the front door he was greeted by the Tom, the day shift host. Drool ran out of the corner of his mouth and he begged Frank to please let him have some relief! Will you be a good little boy if I do, asked Frank doubtfully??? Oh, yes, Frank, I promise, anything, just please let me cum, begged an almost incoherent Gary! Frank thought about it for a second or two, and then in one swift motion jerked the butt plug from Gary's ass, and with the other hand, jerked furiously on Gary's hard pecker! Feeling his asshole free of it's invader, and the hard masturbating of his pecker, Gary unleashed a hot load of cum all over the living room carpet.

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