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#248472 - my what your first kiss she smiled and winked at me yea it was perfect to she asked me the same thing i siad yea it was perfect too we smiled she put her hand on my knee she was happy i put it down the i putmy arm on her shoulder and we just looked at each outher and started to moves are heads to kiss and like nothing could stop this perfect time my mom called for dinner i pulled back not wanting to i looked at her her eyes where misty and befor i asked her to see me the next day she got off and ran home i heard my mom call my name agin i siad i was comming the next day i was up in the same tree she didnt come i did so for the past 4 weeks i never saw her i thought she never wanted to see me agin as i was giving up hope the next day i did the same i started climbing and there she was stting on the same branch i siad how are you im good what happend i never saw u in the past 4 weeks that i got in turbel for running out of the house and they went looking for me she scooted closer to

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Eli ayase
Nasty bitch just how i like em
Hatoko daikanyama
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What a hot fucking body on her
Sakura kitaouji
Brilliant and your timing was perfect