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#147016 - I holler “One Moment!”, jumping out of bed I search for something to cover my naked body… spotting my red silk nightie and the robe that matches laying on the floor I throw them on, not worrying about putting on any undies, forgetting that both robe and night gown just barely cover my ample ass. The sudden movement made my towel fall off me and I let out a gasp of surprise as he dropped to the floor and started kissing my wet skin from my knees up. No longer in control over myself I feel my body completely tense up around him as I burst into climax my body bucking against his, my hot wet pussy trying to push him out with every jolt of orgasm but his hands on my round ass pressing me against him holding his claim to my hole, pounding harder bringing me to orgasm after orgasm.

Read Hood Kira Boshi ga Gotoku - Spice and wolf Perverted Kira Boshi ga Gotoku

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Ringo akai
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