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#218708 - ]The Boss over for dinner The knock on the door heralded the Boss( also a good mate) and his Wife's arrival for dinner. A couple of weeks later Jim asked if he could take Carol to a convention which was to run over a few days, he had overseas clients staying at a very up market hotel in the city, and as he wanted to impress them, he thought Carols out going nature would be ideal for the job. My own rod by this time was starting to ache so I unzipped my own pants to give it some air and grasped it as I watched that big prick go further and further into her mouth much to my amazement, (I found out later that she had sucked heaps of cock as a teenager because she was afraid of getting pregnant and any way, she liked it, she never told me as I had never asked her to do it to me and I, like a fool had been to stupid to ask).

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