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#144362 - That's the way Bobby had to be at all times when in the apartment and it mattered not the time of day, if there were guests present, or what duties he was performing at the time, Bobby was always naked. It wasn't as if he was being forced, because he could get dressed and leave Hal and Gil anytime he felt like it, but the reason he stayed was because he loved being dominated by these two men and sometimes by their friends. At the last second, the old man pulled off his cock and yelled out, Who wants to finish him off!?! The woman whose pussy he had just eaten jumped at the chance, quickly taking Bobby's inflamed member into her mouth and giving the young boy a taste of his own medicine! In a matter of minutes he was flooding her mouth full of his young teenage cum, which was a real triumph for someone of her age!!! After everyone had left, Hal and Gil praised Bobby on the way he had handled himself at the party, and arm in arm they were off to bed, where the two m

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